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X-Rite i1iSis

n high production environments like pre-press, photo processing, high speed digital printing, and fine art printing, measuring color test charts to keep your color management profiles up-to-date can be a labor intensive and time consuming process. The new i1iSis family of automatic chart readers sets new standards in terms of speed, accuracy and handling - allowing you more time to focus on taking care of your customers. ... Read more »

Xrite i1 Publish Pro 2

i1Publish Pro 2 is designed for professionals who rely on accurate color throughout their digital workflow – from cameras, monitors and projectors to RGB and CMYK+ printers and presses ... Read more »

Xrite i1 Photo Pro 2

i1Photo Pro 2 is specifically designed for discerning photo professionals to manage their RGB workflow from camera to display and projector to print. ... Read more »

Xrite i1 Display Pro

The i1Display Pro is the ultimate solution for Creative Perfectionists who demand speed, options and flexibility to attain color accuracy. ... Read more »

Xrite i1 Basic Pro

With i1Basic Pro 2 you can quickly and easily create custom monitor profiles that ensure the colors you view are true. ... Read more »

Xrite Digital ColorChecker Passport

ColorChecker Passport is a powerful 'capture to edit' color solution for any photographer looking for more accurate, consistent color and creative flexibility. ... Read more »

Xrite ColorMunki Photo

As a photographer you know perfect color is essential. ColorMunki Photo ensures your files can be captured, viewed, shared, printed and reproduced accurately every time. Without frustration. ... Read more »

Xrite ColorMunki Display

No guesswork. No stress. No frustration. No wasted time or lost billable hours. Just an amazingly calibrated display or projector that accurately displays the color in your original picture or digital file. ... Read more »

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