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Wide Format, Grand Format Dye Sublimation Printing

A growing trend in the specialty graphics, trade show & display industry is the use of fabrics for larger displays.  Generally, the fabrics are lighter, can be conformed to unique shapes and are able to be hung, suspended, stretched and even backlit for dramatic effects.  The introduction of the Epson F-Series dye sublimation printers have now brought this technology into the reach of a lot of graphic imaging houses for production!

Digital 2 You specializes in providing wide format and grand format dye sublimation printing and heat transfer systems to the industry.  Printers run in size from 44”, 64” , 83”, 100” and up to 3.5 meter or 130” printers that use water based dye sublimation inks.  All of these are capable of printing on transfer papers for the dye sublimation process.  The next step after printing on the transfer paper is usually the heat transfer press, in which the transfer paper is joined with a variety of polyester based fabric media and heated in the sublimation process to transfer the image from the paper to the fabric.  You can also print directly on some fabrics and simply “heat or calendar” press the special fabric for a direct transfer process.  We also offer direct to fabric printing of dye sublimation for the 3-D transfer process, as well.

The heat transfer press is a vital part of this process and Digital 2 You features the Eastsign heat presses in three variations.  The “roll to roll “ or  RTR-1700, RTR-2500, & RTR-3200 offer all of the features that will enable dye sublimation of wide fabrics.  The MOT series heat presses have a unique feed system that can handle rolls, sheets and individual garments, objects and apparel in many sizes.  The FOT series have heat options on single side or dual sided for mainly flat objects, garments and apparel that are transferred in batches or one at a time.

Digital 2 You offers a wide assortment of inks, media, fabric, wide format dye sublimation printers, heat presses and workflow solutions to the digital imaging trade.  Please contact us at 855-206-4688for any of your digital imaging product needs.
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