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Where is the Next Generation of Color Management coming from?

Where is the Next Generation of Color Management coming from? We are currently in an industry where the color management expertise is reaching 65+ years old and that knowledge is gradually leaving the industry. Many industries rely on color management, including: Web, Digital Signage, Photography, Packaging, Printing, Metals, Plastics, Automotive, Ceramics, and Fabrics and Textiles. Color management is an important component and needs experienced individuals to guide it, especially considering how quickly it is changing and evolving.

There are a lot of great schools and universities training young people to become leaders in the field, including Ball State University, Clemson University and Rochester Institute of Technology, to name a few. As new Color Management techs graduate and enter the workforce, how do they obtain real life experience and hands-on working skills?

The panel we had suggests that there is no substitute for real life working in the various areas of digital printing for color management training. The younger people that have entered the workplace and are savvy on seeking out knowledge are finding it much easier to get the experience than in previous years. There is so much available to them and they absorb it much more effective that in previous years of color management. With all of the digital & traditional printing processes, there is no lack of opportunity for anyone embarking upon this journey.

What about others entering the industry? How do they find a career in Color Management?

Sure, you need to have the educational background and basic skill sets for Color Management that are available in most specific technical schools and some online courses, but the real path to a career is to pay your dues and get involved in digital printing companies that need good color management and consistent quality controls in the manufacturing process. All the companies are desperate for color management people to help achieve their quality goals and they are more forward thinking about how to support employees getting trained and getting solid work experience int he workplace. There is definitely a more progressive career path in these times.

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