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UV Liquid Coater Small Format: VersaCoater™ PhotoMate UV

UV Liquid Coater Small Format: VersaCoater™ PhotoMate UV

– The VersaCoater™ PhotoMate is the original and very first micro format coater to be offered in the USA and Canada.


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The VersaCoater™ PhotoMate is the original and very first micro format coater to be offered in the USA and Canada. It offers very unique features and higher-end capabilities that no other coater in the market even begins to approach in a compact footprint only enviable by most manufactures. Originally designed for the craft and photo markets, this compact coater offers two separate and distinct coating heads and fluid control systems allowing the coater to be configured in multiple ways, including: simultaneous running of gloss and matte coatings and running of smooth or textured annalox rollers.

  • Pre coat conditioning station
  • Enclosed operating system
  • (2) entirely separate coating stations
  • Self-adjusting, multi thickness nip system
  • Semi-Automated Cleaning
  • Multiple Supply & Drain Tanks
  • Ultra smooth surface coating
  • Compact footprint
  • Closed architecture

This is truly one of the most versatile micro coaters on the market today. Whether you're looking to differentiate yourself from the competition or just offer something very unique to expand your portfolio, the VersaCoater PhotoMate fits the bill. The machine offers up to 5 (optional) texturing rollers that can be dropped in to facilitate different patterns, including fine linen, canvas, crystal and cross hatch. You can even order a pattern unique to your own needs.

This technology was conceptualized back in 2006 and perfected over the years by Drytac Corporation. There are many units across the United States, employed by such notable photo giants such as Miller's Labs, American Color Imaging, Zook Binders, Bay Photo Lab and many more utilizing this technology. Its enclosed environment, compact footprint and unique configuration and texturing capabilities make it ideal for shops looking to differentiate themselves from the pack and offer something unique

If you need commercial quality, high volume output in a compact footprint with a unique feature set and remarkably low cost per page, look no further.

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