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Using Heat Transfer Presses, Calendar Presses for Dye Sublimation & Direct Transfer Dye Sublimation

 The Eastsign, Kala and other brands of Calendar Presses provided by Digital 2 You offer users the ability to either perform traditional heat transfer dye sublimation from transfer paper onto a variety of substrates that are heat sublimatable.   One feature that many printers overlook in this process is the ability to use a direct transfer ink set in their printers and to print onto the media itself.  That media is then run through the heat press and the image is transformed and sublimated, thus skipping the transfer paper stage.

Quite often, this process is then used in the case of a lightweight fabric that is pre-coated and printed on a direct to fabric type printer with the final step being a heat transfer onto a three dimensional object that has been coated with a polyester receiver.  A good example of this is the camouflage printing done on bows for archery and gun stocks that have irregular surface areas.  This is how many 3-D objects are dye sublimation printed.  A special heat & vacuum oven is used to perform the intricate molding process and keep the sublimation transfer in close contact with the object to be sublimated.

The Digital 2 You group have experience in the direct to fabric sublimation, 3-D sublimation and the specialty dye sublimation transfer processes.  We offer the dye sublimation printers from 44” wide up to 130” wide and can configure them for both dye sublimation transfer as well as direct to fabric printing, direct sublimation and can match the process up with the correct heat press that will meet the needs of most any manufacturing process.  We also offer color management of the entire work flow process to assure the most exacting color.  We also offer consultation on the selection of fabric and media that will suit the process involved.

 Contact us at 855-206-4688 for any of your dye sublimation printer & heat press needs!  Quite often, starting out with one of the Epson F-Series dye sublimation printers and our heat presses will get you on the road to producing your own products in house for a fraction of the cost of out sourcing.  Plus, you have total control of the printing process!

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