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The Artistic Image, Products and Services for you!

The artistic image is a phenomenal place to get all your photo needs! There are many opportunities and services for camera cleanings, studio space, equipment, meeting places, libraries, shows, and much more! If you live in the Albuquerque Area, this is the place for all of your photo needs and accessories!

We found a tool to add to your profession tool box, and it is available for fantastic price!

Enhance your
workspace with
Fast Picture Viewer Software
When attempting to navigate through a sea of modified and renamed files on your hard drive it can become overwhelming to find the specific PDF, PSD, RAW, TIFF, JPEG, or PNG file you are looking for.  Fast Picture Viewer enables you to visually identify the file you are looking for without even opening the file.  Doing so is a tremendous time saver, especially when your digital portfolio contains exceptionally large files that would take a lengthy amount of time to open.

Did you know...

a camera's sensor should be cleaned
at least once a year?

Cleaning your camera's sensor keeps your images crisp, clear and vibrant, but the cleaning process takes a delicate touch.   Several of our customers have stated they highly recommend David Goldberg at Santa Fe Camera Cleaning.
Each individual expressed how they noticed significant difference in the quality of their images after having their camera's sensor cleaned.

Santa Fe Camera Cleaning
David Goldberg
(505) 982-9303

At The Artistic Image we have installed TOPAZ software  for editing customer images.  It is amazing what this software is able to do.  We invite you to also explore the TOPAZ products as we believe you will find this software to be helpful.

For the month of May TOPAZ software is featuring its "edge  enhancement software package" called TOPAZ CLEAN. TOPAZ CLEAN

    • Smoothes the surfaces of photos removing skin blemishes, dust and noise.


    • The smooth edges within each image are uniquely processed with a quality that looks "vectorized."  Within portraits, the smooth "vectorized" edges both define and enhance the line quality of details such as eye lashes and hair.


    • Additionally, TOPAZ CLEAN recovers and refines the important natural textures within each portrait to prevent your subjects from loosing their natural elegance.


    • For the month of May TOPAZ CLEAN is 50% off its originally price of $29.99 and is now $14.99.    Please click here to view a sample of images that have been enhanced with this professional post production software.


The Artistic Image for all of your digital photographic needs. Printing, Image Editing, Professional grade Printers and Monitors, Classes about Photography.

The Artistic Image
 The Cardenas Arts Center
1101 Cardenas Dr. NE, Suite 206
Albuquerque, NM 87110

(505) 554-2706

(505) 379-5386

Located near Lomas and San Pedro.
Cardenas is the street directly behind the Smiths supermarket.

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