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Temperature Measurement On Heat Presses

Temperature Measurement On Heat Presses

Accurate color for dye sublimation starts with proper file preparation, correct printing and most importantly the time, pressure and temperature that the heat press uses to complete the dye sublimation process. ... Read more »

Wide Format Dye Sublimation Ink Jet Printer Tips & Tricks - 3

Some great suggestions on keeping your ink jet printers in a humid environment. In most states, it is not hard to find a working room humidity of 35-45% humidity to keep your dye sub ink jet printers in a controlled state. Often those areas are along the rivers or oceans and the heat is the most challenging issue. ... Read more »

Wide Format Dye Sublimation Ink Jet Printer Tips & Tricks - 2

Wide Format Dye Sublimation Ink Jet Printer Tips & Tricks - 2

Printer manufacturers have invested long hours of research & development and many thousands of dollars to perfect their dye sub printers & inks for the market. By following their service procedures and your local resellers advice, you can save yourself a lot of maintenance challenges by learning how to properly care for your printer investment and keep it running for years. Let’s look at printer warranty service and preventative maintenance areas. ... Read more »

Wide Format Dye Sublimation Ink Jet Printer Tips & Tricks

Most owners / operators of wide format dye sub ink jet printers can perform this routine housekeeping on their own. Be sure to check with your vendor to see what preventative maintenance training resources are available to you when you buy a dye sub printer from them. These are very simple things to do and will save you big bucks on expensive break fix repairs over the long run. ... Read more »

Direct to Fabric & Dye Sublimation Printing Primer March 2016

For assistance in textile and fabric printing, please contact us at 855-206-4688 for printer, ink and finishing equipment. We are experts at color management for the dye sublimation industry and can offer a complete turn-key solutions process for digital textile printing, direct to fabric and the dye sublimation processes. ... Read more »

My Ink Jet Nozzles are Clogged!?

Here are several helpful tips to help your ink jet printer stay alive longer. ... Read more »

Clogged Ink Jet Heads on Epson Printers

Clogged Ink Jet Heads on Epson Printers

Just in time for the Holiday Season...This is a good time to re-visit the topic, as we always get a lot of calls from Epson Pro Graphics Printer users about clogged ink jet heads. Is it from the Dry Climate? Or, how about Lack of Use (park your asset in the corner and watch it waste away) or is the printer getting older and has not been properly maintained? Or a combination of all of the above! ... Read more »

Epson Dye Sub tips for Apparel, Production and Transfer Printing

Epson Dye Sub tips for Apparel, Production and Transfer Printing

The Epson F-Series Dye Sub printers are becoming the standard in the apparel industry, having over a year of successful operation in the shops of many dye sub production facilities. ... Read more »

The Artistic Image and a Creative Space

We have developed a place for Photographers to work and become part of a Photography work group. We have several offices available for short term or long term rental. Included with your office is all utilities, Wi-Fi. Listed below are features that you will have available. ... Read more »


HP, Canon, Epson Ink Cartridge Recycling Program. Reuse your Epson Maintenance Tanks with our Refurbish & Recycling program. ... Read more »

Epson Printers, Maintenance & Repairs

When your printer is new, it is usually covered under a manufacturer service warranty. As your printer gets older, you should have some periodic maintenance work performed on it to keep it printing , cleaning it and preventing down-time maintenance & repair issues. Digital 2 You offers current and extended manufacturer warranties , as well as third party service agreements on all of the digital imaging equipment that we sell & represent. Contacting the manufacturer when your printer is down is costly and time consuming. Sometimes , you have to take your printers in to factory authorized service centers for repairs. This can also be quite costly. In certain cases, we offer on site repairs on Epson Pro Graphics Printers to better assist you ... Read more »

Epson Ink Cartridge Error issues on 900 series

What should Epson users do when they get the “ ink cartridge error” in a 900 series printer? Due to the increasing amount of ink cartridge errors in the 7900-9900 , 7890-9890 printers , here are some quick fix tips; When you have defective Epson 900 series ink carts with the error on them , please follow the following three steps to resolve the issue; ... Read more »

Epson 7900, 9900 clogged ink jet head

I have had the opportunity to visit with over 5 of our Authorized Epson Service Centers in CO, NM & AZ over the last year and this issue is starting to become more of a challenge for Epson Pro Graphics printer owners. ... Read more »

Who are the Photo-Imaging Consultants... and what is Digital2you?

Our Industry Specialists have many years of practical work experience that enable us to assist our clients in everyday situations. We strive to keep up in our respective fields of specialty, such as: ... Read more »

Benefits of Using High Quality Monitor

There is a lot discussion amongst various digital imagers about print quality, color management and digital workflow for photography, pre-press and wide format digital printing. At the crux of all this, is how we see or perceive color with our human eyes and how we choose to view images on our color LCD monitors. ... Read more »

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