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Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) & How it got in the Groove!

Old school this was called a “keder” or silicone bead.  Now, the most common term for this has centered on “ Silicone Edge Graphics “ with the key element being the Silicone Edge or Bead.

OK, so the most prevalent method of using SEG is the backlit cloth or display graphics cloth instead of traditional vinyls and laminated display graphics.  The key here is that the SEG has a aluminum extrusion frame and a little groove that the silicone bead and fabric go into making a complete frame for display. 

The pictures in this article show the silicone edge bead that is sewn on to the display graphic cloth.  Another method of attaching the bead to the cloth is to use a special tape instead of sewing.  Sewing is a big obstacle to most graphics houses, as they avoid sewing until they have to do it.  It does take a special sewing machine to penetrate the silicone edge bead and properly sew it to the display cloth.  Thus, for some the aspect of using a tape is a winner in many ways!

Getting in the Groove is Easy!  Just take the graphic with the bead and gently insert it into the groove, gradually moving around the frame.  Based on proper measurements, there will be a little bit of stretch to the cloth and it will pull itself tight as the display is finished and render a smooth, soft graphic that is flat in the frame. 

Removal is easy, as most installers have a little cloth tab to start the pull with sewn on to the SEG.

There are a variety of extruded metal frame materials available from a wide variety of vendors for small displays up to larger trade show type displays that can be 10 to 20 feet when fully assembled.  The nice part of getting involved in soft signage in your own shop is the universal appeal of some of the thinner metal frames available.  Keeping common sizes in stock in both the backlit display frames as well as just the standard display frames is a good idea.  The backlit units will need the LED system added to it when the kit goes out to your client.  (More about the 4 types of LED systems in future posts)

Another advantage to the soft signage and SEG method is the aspect of once the client has purchased the display frames, they often buy more graphics to change out, thus refreshing their displays for a continued use of those frames.  Aluminum extrusion frames are lighter and easier to pack for trade shows, cutting down on the shipping weight and bulk of the trade show kits helping in keeping costs down.

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