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Easy Back Light Displays with Soft Signage & Dye Sublimation #2 of 4

Previously, we touched on the subject of creating an illuminated back light display for graphics with dye sublimation soft signage techniques.

Generally, most back light displays these days are using LED lights, modular aluminum extruded frames, and dye sublimation graphics created on economical polyester cloth.  Typically, a sign shop or production center can now enter this market with an investment of less than $20,000!  Gone are the days of expensive Solvent wide format printers & UV Flatbed / Hybrid printers that can cost upwards of $80,000

Another benefit of the aluminum frames on the back lit displays or even photo displays is that the graphics can be changed out quickly, efficiently and at a very low cost.  Before producing these involved a great amount of prep work and a tech to come out and do this changeover.  The bulbs in the old displays were bulky fluorescent tubes and the displays were unusually large.   Now, everything is clean, thin and can be changed in the field by your customer quickly and efficiently.  This makes for much more timely graphics updates and happy customers!

The key to this whole new type of display is the ability to insert the printed fabric into the edge groove of the aluminum frame with easy stretch dye sub fabric and the handy silicone edge bead to secure it.  Removal is easy, just pull the tab and the graphic can be changed out quickly and by most any person in the store.  The LED lights are cool, efficient and use very little electricity.  Displays can be hung on walls, from ceilings and also have nice floor stands as well.  You can also build creative displays by stacking and positioning several of the frames in a grouping, also.

Printing these displays in the shop is easy with the Epson F6200 dye sublimation printers on very inexpensive heat transfer paper.  After printing, the paper and the polyester cloth are sent through a roll transfer heat press to complete the sublimation.  A nice feature of dye sublimation is that you have so many varieties of polyester cloth to sublimate on so your customer's needs can be met.  Once you have the printer and the heat press, there are many other items for graphics that can be produced so we will cover those in future articles, so stay tuned in....

  For more information & questions or interest in dye sublimation soft signage, please contact Dennis @ 855-206-4688 or visit our web site @   for more details.  Thanks for checking us out!

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