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Rotary Heat Press SOT-H Installation

Rotary Heat Press SOT-H Installation ... Read more »

Eastsign Rotary Heat Press Operation

Eastsign Rotary Heat Press Operation ... Read more »

#2 of 4 Series Easy Back Light Displays with Soft Signage & Dye Sublimation

Printing these displays in the shop is easy with the Epson F6200 dye sublimation printers on very inexpensive heat transfer paper. After printing, the paper and the polyester cloth are sent through a roll transfer heat press to complete the sublimation ... Read more »

#1 of 4 Series on Soft Signage

Partnering up with Digital 2 You and getting the Epson F6200 dye sub 44” printer, our Eastsign SOT 1220 heat transfer press and some basic components to create a wide variety of new, soft signage products that you can produce and sell in your shop. ... Read more »

Announcing the New Epson P10000 44" & P20000 64" SureColor Printers

Epson has announced the 11880 replacement in the spring of 2016. Come see the Epson newest line of printers in our Denver Demo Center. ... Read more »

Daines Sewing Machine in Utah has Joined our D2Y Network

Please be sure to visit both of our locations to see the latest in fashion trends for 2016 and 2017. Manufacturing in the United States is back in full force. ... Read more »

Having the right tools?

Purchasing the correct tools for the job and taking care of them can last you for ever and make your life easier. Invest in good equipment! ... Read more »

Epson P Series Photograpy, Fine Art, Proofing and Graphic Design Printers and Ink

Epson's new line of printers are now available in our Denver Digital2you Learning Center located in Englewood, Colorado. ... Read more »

Epson Dye Sublimation Printers and Supplies in Denver, Colorado

Epson F Series Dye Sublimation Transfer papers and inks are available to purchase from the Digital2you located in Denver, Colorado. ... Read more »

Epson Unveils New Legacy Paper Line

Rolls will be available in November 2015 and cut sheets will be available in January 2016, through Digital2you your authorized Epson reseller. ... Read more »

Is the new Epson P9000 printer different?

Is the new Epson P9000 printer different?

Comparison of Epson 9900 versus new P9000SE printer: can it reproduce 50 shade of gray? Just kidding, it is supposed to have an improved black, so we went out to the field to look and see. ... Read more »

The Epson Connection: P800

The Epson Connection: P800

The SureColor P800 can connect directly to your computer using USB and become part of a local network using the built in Ethernet connection. To make the printer more fun and useful, Epson has also provided several ways to print from your smartphone or tablet. Connecting the printer to a Wi-Fi network is but not necessarily required, depending on the option you choose. ... Read more »

Printing on Roll Media - Epson P800

The Roll Media Adapter is an excellent accessory for the SureColor P800, especially if you are a fan of the panoramic image. At a cost below $200.00 it’s an excellent value. ... Read more »

Feeding The Beast: Epson P800

Feeding The Beast: Epson P800

The Epson SureColor P800 is capable of printing on a wide variety of papers from 4”x6” to 17”x22”, matte, glossy, and any surface in between. Because all of these papers come in an equally varied range of thickness, Epson has provided multiple feed paths to get your favorite paper into the SureColor P800. Let’s have a look. ... Read more »

Escapade in Pigment - The New Epson P800

Escapade in Pigment - The New Epson P800

When the SureColor P800 was announced I was curious to know if this was going to be a rehash of an old design or a significantly different product than the Epson Stylus Pro 3880 that came before it. We have all seen this before. Modest changes are made to an existing product and somehow this becomes the next thing we can’t live without. ... Read more »

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