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Pink Cleaning Solution for Epson Pro Graphics Ink Jet Printers




Epson Ink Jet Head Clogging Issues, solved by PINK CLEANING Solutions !

When your Epson Pro Graphics Ink Jet Printer starts to have more "head clogging" issues, this might be an indicator of Age, Lack of Use, Dry Climate or Ink Starvation in the printer head area.

We utilize a " Pink Cleaning Solution " when our service techs finish working on an Epson Pro Graphics printer and plan on "parking the printer" for a while.  In as little as 72 hours or as long as 18 months, this pink cleaning solution works to dissolve the aqueous pigment ink that has accumulated in the lines, dampers and head area.   In a production mode, we suggest using this every 6 , 9 or 12 months based on usage and age of the Epson Printer.

Our cleaning cartridges come usually in a set of 8 of the 220 ml size that go in the Epson ink bays in place of the OEM cartridges during the cleaning cycle.  Essentially, you are flushing out the existing Epson ink out of the lines and printer and filling it with the pink cleaning solution.  The key to success on this process is to be able to leave the solution in the printer for 72 hours and let it do the work!  

Be sure to do a couple of head cleaning and nozzle checks to make sure that all your colors have pumped through the lines.  If not, contact a service technician to see if there is another problem with the pump assay. on the printer.

For more information on our 220 ml cartridges of the Pink Cleaning Solution or the Bulk replacement cartridges, please contact us at 303-934-2777 with your printer model number and we can assist you.  For more information, we have several articles in our blog and in our archived articles in the  seminars and classroom / service sections of our web site.

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