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Temperature Measurement On Heat Presses

Temperature Measurement On Heat Presses

Accurate color for dye sublimation starts with proper file preparation, correct printing and most importantly the time, pressure and temperature that the heat press uses to complete the dye sublimation process. ... Read more »

Economy Natural Fine Art Smooth Ink Jet Paper

Over the years, Epson Smooth Fine Art Paper with its natural finish has been the the “go-to” paper for many fine art and photo reproduction printers. Several year back, the mill that produced the base paper for Epson to put their emulsion coating on this changed and the marketing changed to Epson Signature Worthy and the Hot Press Natural designation to that very same paper leaving people in question as to what paper was available to print on. ... Read more »

Color Management Boot Camp

Join Color Management Group, Digital2You, SGIA and EFI for this amazing learning experience! Learn from the pros how to implement best color management practices. This 2-1/2 day color management "Boot Camp" training will prepare you for all of your color battles. You'll learn how to linearize, profile, optimize and verify color on all of your output devices, using EFI Fiery XF, all while we're preparing you to take the SGIA Digital Color Professional Certification Program online exam (fee included). ... Read more »

2018 Foster Keencut, Trimmers, Workbenches and Lifters

The 2018 2018 Foster Keencut, Trimmers, Workbenches and Lifters catalog is available for download. ... Read more »

Epson New York Fashion Week 2018

Epson New York Fashion Week 2018

Epson had a great turnout and everyone was excited to see the new Epson Dye Sublimation Fashions created by many of the top designers ... Read more »

Epson Digital Couture Project 2018

Giving designers the freedom to create innovative fashion by using new digital fabric printing technology. ... Read more »

New Training Classes for February 2018

We have two training classes for February 2018: Intermediate and Advanced Dye Sublimation. The classes will be held at the Digital2You Learning Center. ... Read more »

Wide Format Dye Sublimation Ink Jet Printer Tips & Tricks - 3

Some great suggestions on keeping your ink jet printers in a humid environment. In most states, it is not hard to find a working room humidity of 35-45% humidity to keep your dye sub ink jet printers in a controlled state. Often those areas are along the rivers or oceans and the heat is the most challenging issue. ... Read more »

Wide Format Dye Sublimation Ink Jet Printer Tips & Tricks - 2

Wide Format Dye Sublimation Ink Jet Printer Tips & Tricks - 2

Printer manufacturers have invested long hours of research & development and many thousands of dollars to perfect their dye sub printers & inks for the market. By following their service procedures and your local resellers advice, you can save yourself a lot of maintenance challenges by learning how to properly care for your printer investment and keep it running for years. Let’s look at printer warranty service and preventative maintenance areas. ... Read more »

Wide Format Dye Sublimation Ink Jet Printer Tips & Tricks

Most owners / operators of wide format dye sub ink jet printers can perform this routine housekeeping on their own. Be sure to check with your vendor to see what preventative maintenance training resources are available to you when you buy a dye sub printer from them. These are very simple things to do and will save you big bucks on expensive break fix repairs over the long run. ... Read more »

New Epson SCF7200PE for sale

... Read more »


In this course, we cover most of the basic concepts of Practical Working Digital Color Theory & Basics of Wide Format Digital Printing Work ow for the entry level production staff, but it is also a great class for the returning professional that wants to re-visit some of the basics as a refresher course & learn some new tricks and stay up to date on the latest industry skills. Class is $299, lunch and valuable resource materials included. ... Read more »

September 2017 Sale / Clearance Items

Digital2you is clearing out our over stock of inventory. Check out the savings on inkjet, solvent and dye sublimation media. Call us to place your order 303-980-8069 ... Read more »

Classes Offered At Digital2You Learning Center

Digital 2 You offers basic, intermediate and advanced training to clients in many areas of digital printing in the Digital Technology and Learning Center located in Denver, Colorado. ... Read more »

July 2017 Floor Model Sale

Selling Demo Floor Models at a Drastically Low Price. ... Read more »

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