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Do you have the right tools to get the job done?

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Our Denver Digital Learning Center has now been open for 6 months.   We have learned so much.   Last week Dennis and I spend the day in beautiful Tucson, AZ with Ted Browsky owner of Foster (formerly Foster-Keencut).   We enjoyed walking the different booths at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and purchased several gems to satisfy our common hobby. Over our meal together we spoke about business and having the correct tools for the job.  The Foster line of products eases the production process as told in so many of their testimonials.   Digital2you is a reseller for the Foster line and we have many available to see and use at our new location.    Here is our link to the Foster line of products.  If you can't find the specific product you are looking for please give us a call.

Image result for heat cutter fosterThe HSGM Heat Cutter is wonderful tool for trimming the fabrics used for banners and dye sublimation.  

Straight EdgesThe Precision Safety Straight Edges are wonderful.   I personally use them in my home sewing area and have several sizes handy at our Learning Center.  These are much easier to use than the old straight edge metal rulers. 

   Gorgilla Grippers are a great tool to even have on a construction site.  You can make a two man job in to a one man job. 


Our conversations also lead to the safety in the work place.   OHSA is always a consern for businesses.  Lifting heavy objects is hard on our bodies and can cause health problems.  


Image result for on a roll lifterThe On-A-Roll Lifter® is well worth the value to improve ease of moving heavy rolls.   We shared several different inventions we have seen at varies companies.  Like old office chairs and dollies are the wheels for moving from one spot to another but there still is the lifting.  

Check out all these tools to help improve the work flow in your company.   Call us anytime for your expertise advise on your problem.   We are here to help your workplace become more managable.   303-934-2777

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