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Handy Resources on Epson Printers

Digital 2 You provides a complete set of Epson Printer Training Resources on a thumb drive when you purchase any Epson F-Series dye sub, S-Series solvent, P-Series Printers, and T-Series Printers.

These resources include the Operations Guide for each printer and many other valuable Epson resources for operation, maintenance, care and training articles on the Epson Specific printer you purchase from us.

There are also articles on workflow, RIPS, Color Management, and many notes from our Digital Technology & Learning Center classes provided on these training resource files.

As we move into a more “Virtual Training format” on our classes, these will be the backbone of future training programs. We also provide media guides, swatch books and Epson Print Portfolios to each wide format user.

Here is an update on the Epson F-Series Maintenance resources and this will apply to your Epson F-Series Operators Guide.

F-Series 6200, 7200, 9200-9370 , F6370 & F9470 cleaning and maintenance resources online

You tube video list on your D2Y virtual training resources, which include your F-Series Operators Guide and many more useful resources. Visit our D2Y blogs to keep up to date on many other technical resources.

Cap cleaning kit; 7200-9200

F7200 Printer Maintenance Kit #C13S210038

Works on F9200 as well

F-9370 Printer Maintenance Kit #C13S210063

F9370 only Cleaning Kit #C13S210051
F9470 & 9470H also uses #C13S210051

View your Maintenance Section in the Users Guide for details

F-Series wiper #16713445
F-6200 foam pad maintenance kit review - Part # C13S210042

These pads will work on the F6370, but study your printer maintenance as there are access to do this on both ends of the carriage. Refer to your Operators Guide in your resources kit.

Older F6000, 6070, 7100, 7170 units have other parts / methods (See Operators Guides)

Older F6070 units require the Maintenance Waste in Tank Kits and those can also be refurbished.

The F6200 and all of the larger 64” units all have the waste ink bottles and bypass the maintenance tanks.

Epson Media Guide

2020 Media Guide

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