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Epson Wide Format Ink Jet Printer "Humidor"

Clogged Ink Jet Printer Heads are a problem for everyone. We found a way to prevent this issue in most Epson Pro Graphic, Wide Format Printers.  This also works for Canon Image Pro Graph and HP DesignJet wide format ink jet printers.  We installed a little "humidor" or humidifier inside our Epson printer!

You can make your own wide format ink jet printer " Humidor" by using a small , shallow plastic tray that will hold water and a couple of sponges.  The tray is filled with a small amount of water and the sponges act as a wick to disperse the water or humidify the printer.

One trick that we learned was to be sure and turn off your printer and also to put a bright colored ribbon from the tray to the outside of the printer, letting anyone know that the humidifier tray is inside the printer.

The Epson technical services people won't support this type of quick fix, but it sure has saved a lot of wasted ink from head cleanings trying to fix the clogged ink jets.  Even with the new "pair cleaning mode" this can help the current Epson SP7900 or SP9900 perform better in dry climates.  Generally, the Epson pro graphic printers like about 30% to 40% humidity in the printer room area.

We also found that using a dust cover over our printers helped a lot in keeping these heads in good shape and they also just kept the printer from getting dusty.  A really good company that makes covers for Epson printers is They also make covers for a wide variety of other equipment, so check them out.  They do great covers!  If your printer is sitting idle or stored, these covers are a must!

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