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Epson-P Series Printers for photography, fine art, proofing and graphic design on display in Denver, Colorado

Epson P800 17" wide, P6000 & P8000 24" & 44" 9 inks, plus P7000 & P9000 24" & 44" 11 inks are available.

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Epson inks and media can be purchased on-line from Digital2you.

P800 inks

T850100, T850200, T850300, T850400, T850500, T850600, T850700, T850800, T850900

Maintenance Tank T852000, Optional Roll Media Adapter C12C811431

P6000, P8000, P7000 & P9000 inks

Ink Cartridge (150 ml) (350 ml) (700 ml)
Photo Black T834100 T824100 T804100
Cyan T834200 T824200 T804200
Vivid Magenta T834300 T824300 T804300
Yellow T834400 T824400 T804400
Light Cyan T834500 T824500 T804500
Vivid Light Magenta T834600 T824600 T804600
Light Black T834700 T824700 T804700
Matte Black T834800 T824800 T804800
Light Light Black T834900 T824900 T804900
Orange Only P7000 & 9000 T834A00 T824A00 T804A00
Green Only P7000 & 9000 T834B00 T824B00 T804B00
Maintenance Tank T6997000 $39.95  
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