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Epson Ink Cartridge Error issues on 900 series

What should Epson users do when they get the “ ink cartridge error” in a 900 series printer?

Due to the increasing amount of ink cartridge errors in the 7900-9900 , 7890-9890 printers , here are some quick fix tips;

When you have defective Epson 900 series ink carts with the error on them , please follow the following three steps to resolve the issue;

    1. Try using a pencil  eraser & lightly burnish to clean the chip contacts on the cart.


    1. Try  tapping the cart on the table & burp the cart with paper clip end method letting the air bubble out of cart.


    1. Try to let it settle upright on the table and settle out the air ( burp ) for an hour or overnight if you can.

After doing those methods , insert and see if the firmware recognizes the cartridge and it works, if not try again then go to this next step (4):


Step 4;
If those three methods don’t work, Clients should contact Epson Technical services @ 888-377-6611and report this and get a replacement for the cartridge.  You might need your printer serial number or unit ID number off your warranty, so keep those handy.  The other phone number is 562-276-1305 ( Be sure to document this and get a case number)

If they aren’t listening very well ( or don’t understand ) the situation, be sure and ask for a supervisor.

In the case that Epson doesn’t want the defective cartridge back, save the defective one with it’s original box for your rep to gather with normal recycling.
Be sure to recycle all your empties and maintenance tanks, let’s keep them out of the landfills.

Epson will warranty all ink cartridges and replace them.
Epson is pretty good about getting these out to clients via Next Day Air.

Although this problem is random , we appreciate your patience  in dealing with these issues.

Another separate issue is when the 150-350 or 700 ml. cartridge just doesn’t get recognized by the printers ink bay, which usually means the little gold pins inside the printer ink bay aren’t  lining up properly with the cartridge.  Not happening very often, but is a nuisance, as this will happen with any cartridge loaded into that bay.  We have found that placing a thin shim on the left or right of the cartridge and easing it into the bay will move the cart to the left or right and get the pins to line up with the chip.  This is a short term solution and Epson Technical Services should be contacted to come out and fix the alignment problem.


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