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Epson Feb 2017 Digital event

Epson Feb 2017 Digital event

As the worldwide market for dye sublimation apparel and fashion is growing, Epson is proving itself to be a leader in technology and innovation to the industry.

Digital 2 You is involved in many aspects of the Epson Dye Sublimation program and has recently introduced it’s line of dye sublimation heat transfer presses with top of the line industry oil filled heat transfer drum units in the 44” and 64” widths, as well as going up into the 2.6 meter and 3.2 meter widths with a wide variety of heat presses. For fast prototype production, the SOT-1220-H unit is 44” capable with a 9” diameter oil filled drum that offers better consistency and uniformity in short to medium run work on a 48” machine. Stepping up into the larger sizes in width, they also offer the ability to have up to a 1 meter diameter oil filled drum for larger production roll to roll and piece goods production houses. For more information, please visit or call Dennis Halley @ 720-480-5196 for more information.

Commenting on the proposed move to 73” width, Dennis has stated that the industry printer manufacturers are already there and it seems logical that with a width of 135 inches on some master rolls of fabric that the aspect of having both 75” wide material and 60” material cut from the same master rolls is a sign of what the future might hold. With Epson investing in the Robustelli printers and with the increased interest in direct to fabric printing, we should see the 1.9 meter or 73” dye sublimation and direct to fabric printers entering the market very soon. The USAheatpress line of oil filled rotary drum heat presses are capable of working well in the dye sublimation workflow, as well as in the heat fixation of the direct to fabric printers.

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Epson Feb 2017 Digital event Epson Feb 2017 Digital event Epson Feb 2017 Digital event Epson Feb 2017 Digital event
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