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Epson announces 44" F6370 Dye Sublimation printer

Epson announces 44

Epson 44 inch dye sub printerRecently, Epson announced in the European market the NEW Epson F6370 dye sublimation 44” wide 4 color printer, which will replace the F6200 soon.

This was published in the July edition of Digital Output magazine under Printing Options for Fabric Applications. In addition to the NEW Epson F6370 dye sub printer, they also listed the F7200 64” wide dye sub, along with the dual head high production F9370 Epson dye sub workhorse.

Epson 44 inch dye sub printerKeep posted for the exact specifications and of course when the new printer is available, we will have it at our upcoming Dye Sub Fall Class & Open House in Denver Sept. 18 & 19 in our DTLC Denver Digital Technology and Learning Center with ChromaLuxe demonstrating the latest in hard substrate dye sub techniques.

Check out our Learning Center for upcoming classes in the Fall on SGIA Color Management Boot Camp and the Dye Sublimation and Direct to Fabric open house.



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