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Epson 4900 Printer Update

Epson’s new 4900 printer has been a tremendous success! Our first allocation went quickly, with a lot of happy digital imagers now using this new 4900 printer with 11 inks.  Two of our associates got their hands on the 4900 and came back with very good reports on all the new features.  David Saffir has posted a review & article with Popular Photography on the Epson 4900, here’s the link;

Twitter / Epson America: Photographer David Saffir ...
Photographer David Saffir writes about setting up a color-managed workflow
with the Epson 4900 printer for...

Sunday, Nat Coalson had the opportunity to present his Digital Printing for Photographers at the Lone Tree Photography Club with a dynamic , 4 hour course covering digital workflow, color management, printing and finishing featuring the Epson 4900 and the new Epson Signature Worthy papers.  Nat is a great Lightroom presentor with seminars, workshops and his books.  After working with the Epson 4900, Nat proclaimed it as his next great printer!  He loved the features and the quality and found the canned Epson profiles for the Signature Worthy media to work just perfect!

You can always visit Nat Coalson on his blog at:

Hurry !  End of March means end of Epson Rebates on printers, so don’t miss out!

If you need to upgrade, now is the time to do this.  Epson’s next quarter rebates cover only the new Designer Editions ( which are not available ) so that means that Spring time is going to be slim pickings for any great deals.  Don’t wake up after April 15th and find that you gave Uncle Sam all your hard cash and none left for any upgrades to printers.  A lot of you are worried about being able to get a printer, be sure to contact us and reserve your new Epson Printer today at 303-934-2777.

Current news on the Epson CTP Computer to Plate systems for in house printing and commercial print shops...

With all the buzz about printing on aluminum plates in an Epson 7900, we forgot to tell you about the other great features that this system has.

First, with an Epson 7900 any shop can print their own press proofs with a system under 10 grand!  Up until now, it took a lot more money and the resources of an industry color consultant to bring proofing in house.  Not anymore! You can do this in house for less that $ 10,000 !

Second, what a better way to enable your print shop to produce posters, graphics and large short run color than having an Epson 7900 in the shop?  By having the Epson 7900 CTP, you are able to do this & more with the printer!

Third, most of the commercial printers have existing AB Dick or Mitsubishi DPX plate setters already in the shop, so why buy another computer to plate system?  Well, the reason you might want to do this would be for backup when the old big guy breaks and it takes several days and several thousands of dollars to fix it!  What a great way to have a decent quality backup to your plate setting needs.

Last , but not least parting shots of Mark and Dennis at the SPE Conference in Atlanta.  We had a lot of good meetings with educators and had fun showing off the new Epson Signature Worthy Paper to all the students, instructors and educators.  It was great meeting everyone!  Thanks for stopping by our booth and getting to know us better.

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