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Economy Natural Fine Art Smooth Ink Jet Paper

Fine Art Papers

Over the years, Epson Smooth Fine Art Paper with its natural finish has been the the “go-to” paper for many fine art and photo reproduction printers. Several year back, the mill that produced the base paper for Epson to put their emulsion coating on this changed and the marketing changed to Epson Signature Worthy and the Hot Press Natural designation to that very same paper leaving people in question as to what paper was available to print on.

We have located a supply of 44” x 66’ rolls of this very same paper that has 30% more paper than the standard 50’ rolls and is priced right!

These papers are the perfect replacement for

Epson Hot Press Natural SKU S042325,
Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper SKU S041783,
Premier Art Smooth Hot Press Museum Natural SKU 2220-4450,
Legion / Moab Entrada Rag Natural SKU 190 R08-ERN1904466R,
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth SKU 10643190,
Canson Infinity Rag Photographique SKU 210206212019

If you are looking for a deal on 44” Smooth Fine Paper with 100% cotton basis and natural finish, this can be your deal at 1/3 the cost of all others!

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth, Canson Infinity Rag, Legion / Moab Entrada Rag Natural, Breathing Color Pura Smooth Fine Art, Premier Art Smooth Hot Press Museum and a host of others using the Crane mills papers or archival papers from other mills essentially all offer the same product, but at very expensive prices. We all know that Canon, HP and Epson don’t make their papers, they just buy the paper base from the mill and have it coated to their specs, packaged and it hits the market at a high price per roll.

View the PDF for comparable pricing and list of papers this is equivalent to and the paper is suited for volume production with its 66’ roll length. Production houses such as Saatchi, World Art, Society 6, Demand Media and others use these types of papers in their production lines, now you can do the same for your Epson, Canon, or HP printer needs.

View the SPECS PDF



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