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Dry Season, Clogged Epson Ink Jet

Just in time for the Holiday Season...we always get a lot of calls from Epson Pro Graphics Printer users about clogged ink jet heads.  Is it from the Dry Climate?  or how about Lack of Use ( park your asset in the corner and watch it waste away)  or is the printer getting older and has not been properly maintained?

Each of these conditions can cause quality issues, wasted ink & media and delays in getting your ink jet prints done.  Very frustrating and possibly expensive to resolve these issues.  Hard to justify doing power cleanings all day, wasting ink and not getting anywhere.  Be sure that it is clogged heads or ink starvation, two different beasts.

How to cure some of these issues;

Use your Epson printer at least once a week.  Run a nozzle check if nothing else. Heck,  print an email or two if you have to!

Keep the printer in a 35% humidity environment if you can, it helps!

See our articles on the "Humidor" and care & cleaning of older Epson printers.

As the printer gets older, run our "Pink Cleaning Solution" through the printer, lines, heads and let the solution dissolve old ink in the printer for at least 72 hours or more. These are for sale on our web site.  We now have cleaning cartridges for the Epson 4900, 7900, 9900, 7890 & 9890 printers!

Have a trained technician clean, inspect and maintain your Epson Printer investment periodically, it will keep the printer working for many years and produce good quality prints for your enjoyment and business needs.

Keep watching our blog for more articles on clogged ink jet heads.  I always get a printer or two in that are in gross condition of neglect and eventually, we are able to get them working again.  You would be amazed at what can be done to resurrect a dead printer!

If none of this works for you, we would be happy to get you a new printer, just call us at (303) 934-2777
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