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Digital Signage & Display Technology @ DSE 2013

Welcome to the world of Digital Signage, Multimedia Display, Video Walls, and Interactive Multimedia at the upcoming Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas Feb 26, 27 & 28.   This year promises the not so new, but evolving display technology that will impact all of us in the digital imaging industry.  So why is that going to impact traditional imaging?  We are seeing digital displays in all vertical markets that the "hard signage" industry is involved in.

Currently, we provide wide format ink jet and solvent printing solutions to the digital imaging trade.  However, we are now providing large digital LCD display technology to several of our clients that are making the transition to digital signage & displays.

The logistics of changing out hard signage in stores is now being met by the ability of marketing departments to update digital signage content nationwide by use of the internet in dramatically short time.  Our Digital Display Solutions division has now completed projects that work will with our traditional wide format imaging businesses at & Photo-Imaging Consultants.

Check out the images below for some ideas;

Here are some of the most common vertical markets served by the Digital Signage & Display Solutions technology;

Advertising Agencies, PR Firms and Graphic Design Agencies, Arts, Entertainment, Public Recreation, Amusements, Banking, Finance, Corporate Lobbies, Bars, Nightclubs, Entertainment Venues, Casinos, Gaming and Event Centers, Corporate Communications, Public Areas, Briefing Rooms, Educational Institutions, K-12, Colleges, Universities, Private Schools, Government Facilities, Training Facilities, Public Relations, Health Care, Hospitals, Medical Institutions, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Houses of Worship, Museums, Libraries and Public Facilities, Restaurants, Fast Food and Convenience Stores, Retail Stores of all kinds, Stadiums, Sports Arenas, Entertainment, Transportation, Air, Terminals, Bus, Train and Rapid Transit

For more information on Digital Signage and Display Technology contact us at 855.206.4688

For a quick look at all aspects of a successful Digital Signage project, please stay posted to our blog for the posting of the 7 Elements of Digital Signage.  Thank-you!
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