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CPAC and WWA are merging


CPAC/WWA Announce...

Hello Everyone,

We are thrilled to announce that the Colorado Photographic Arts Center and Working With Artists - Denver's two most established non-profit photographic organizations - are merging. This effort will combine the strengths and vision of these two groups to create a vibrant center for photographic exhibitions and education comparable to any of the most influential contemporary art spaces in the country.

Our merger unites two established photography agencies to form a highly visible entity that will provide a much-needed destination for this region's underserved photo community. Both organizations bring tangible benefits to the other. There is an underlying need for a stable non-profit community-oriented space dedicated to the appreciation and learning of photography. This endeavor promises to fill that role in ways that our two separate organizations never could. It will benefit our existing photographic culture by nurturing new talent, expanding concepts, generating skills, peaking interest, and contributing to a sustainable market for collectors and artists.

CPAC and WWA will combine operations at the Working With Artists' Belmar facility and we will be sharing updates and initiatives with you as they develop. Most immediately our memberships will be combined, giving you the benefit of both programs.

The first celebration of this merger is a collaborative members show to which both organizations' members are invited to participate. Please look for the official announcement of this show to follow in the next few days.’-exhibition/

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