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Digital2you First Class was held in February 2016

On February 18th we had two Kevins do a marvelous job in teaching our first class that was held in our New Digital Technology Center.  

Kevin Elliott of (Our local color specialist) and Kevin Burke of Eizo USA Monitors

The third Thursday of February, Digital 2 You hosted the “ Color 101, Introduction to Digital Color Printing & Workflow “  an all day seminar in the new learning center.  As a series of small group, lecture & hands on seminars, the attendees were given a set of valuable resource materials, discount coupon and a full day of information packed presentation from our team of color management instructors & working professionals that visited the group.  

The day started off with a overview of each attendees background in digital printing needs and introduction to the staff at Digital 2 you.  The group got a chance to tour the new Digital Technology and Learning Center in Denver getting a chance to see the new Epson P-Series printers and the “ Print Your Legacy” new fine art papers.  Everyone was quite excited about all the printing technologies displayed in the center!

Also featured were the Eizo Color Monitors and a special guest presentation by Kevin Burke from Eizo, who is their product specialist.  Everyone got a chance to learn more about why selecting a high quality color monitor is so important and they also learned how to calibrate their own color monitor with a wide variety of colorimeters that were displayed.

Topics covered were:
What is Color Management and how to best use it for digital printing
Detailed Color Management setup, preferences and soft proofing
Troubleshooting Color Management problems, getting a good workflow
Digital printing tips & techniques with Epson wide format printers

Everyone got a really nice Epson print portfolio of the Epson media guides and a chance to save money on all the Epson products, X-Rite and the Eizo monitors during the days seminar.  During lunch, they also had a chance to mingle with working professionals that visited and contributed to the open exchange of experience on digital wide format printing.  A good day was had by all!