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Color 101 Class Wrap Up - Feb 2017

Color 101 Class Wrap Up - Feb 2017

Success of our D2Y Color 101 Class continues to grow as we are able to help more digital imagers learn about color management, color monitor calibration and digital printing workflow!

Our recent Color 101 class held on Thursday, Feb 16th at the Digital Technology & Learning Center featured Epson P-Series wide format printers, Eizo Color Monitors, X-Rite Eye One Pro III Display Calibrators and the Epson Signature Worthy & Epson Legacy Fine Art Papers. All class attendees worked in a classroom style format with Eizo Color Monitors and Learned how to calibrate with the X-Rite Eye One Pro III during the Color Management session with Kevin Elliott & Kevin Burke of Eizo.

Moving into the Digital Printing Workflow session, everyone got a chance to work with the new Epson P-Series printers and try out some of the new Epson Fine Art Media making prints through Photoshop and Lightroom workflows taught by Dave Barry and Marie Griffin. Here is a sample overview of the Color 101 class syllabus:

  • Highlights of the Introduction to Digital Color Printing & Workflow Class
  • Basic Digital Color Concepts for Design & Printing
  • Why Good Color on Your Workstation Monitor is Important
  • Computer Hardware & Color Monitor Selection guidelines
  • Digital Capture, Scanning and Design Software
  • Workplace Lighting, industry standards
  • Software, ICC Profiles and Digital Workflow solutions
  • Overview of Digital Printers & Wide Format Printing standards
  • Hands on printing workflow with Photoshop & Lightroom on Epson printer
  • How to create a productive digital printing workflow that works
  • Selection of media, discussion and samples of media ranges for printing
  • Print Finishing Techniques Overview
  • Hands on with Epson Printers, Eizo Monitors and Calibrators

For a more extensive look at the class, we have archived the class materials, also. Here is our Learning Center resources.

For more information on Epson Printers, Eizo Color Monitors, X-Rite or Epson Fine Art Media, please contact us at 805-206-4688 or checkout their pages on this site.

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Color 101 Class Wrap Up - Feb 2017 Color 101 Class Wrap Up - Feb 2017
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