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Benefits of Using High Quality Monitors

Some of the Benefits of Using a Calibrated High Resolution Color LCD Monitor

*Accurate Color, The First Time !
*Client Satisfaction, no quality issues!
*Less Wasted Time, Resources = Money Saved!
*Less  Eye Fatigue & Work Stress with good monitors!
*Management achieves their Quality Objectives!
*You are now meeting industry standards!

There is a lot discussion amongst various digital imagers about print quality, color management and digital workflow for photography, pre-press and wide format digital printing. At the crux of all this, is how we see or perceive color with our human eyes and how we choose to view images on our color  LCD monitors.

In discussing this issue with many professionals in the photo, graphic design, pre-press, printing and scientific community, one resounding theme started to be common with each person I spoke with;
“The better the quality of your color LCD monitor, the better the quality of your work will prevail, as you truly get what you pay for in these LCD monitors”

We have all seen it in every workplace, aging color LCD monitors, inexpensive common brands give poor results and continue to fatigue the users eyes every day in the work environment.
It is amazing what management will mandate and what workers will tolerate.  The end result is often predictable...poor color, wasted resources, lost time and eye sore technicians wondering why they feel uncomfortable spending 6-8 hours in front of a deficient color LCD monitor doing what is supposed to be “ professional quality color workflow”

On the other side of the issue, I have been able to work with departments and professionals that have taken a very educated approach and actually sought out the very best color LCD monitors for their staff. The workers stress levels were lower, with little eye fatigue and more accurate color consistency.  Waste due to inaccurate color or re-printing went way down.

Amazingly, the aspect of spending a little more on a quality color LCD monitor became a viable return on managements investment, as the benefits out weighed any cost issue.

Imagine, happy clients with accurate printing, content digital imagers with less stress, management with less to worry about and everyone gets accurate color!

Over the next few weeks, we will go over some of the featured products that have risen to the top of the color quality standards, such as Eizo, NEC, Samsung, Sony & others.  We will go over graphics, professional and even delve into scientific monitors to get you a short cut to picking out great tools that will help with your workflow.

One of the benefits of working with over 25 of our recognized industry experts, we typically will cut through the learning curve and get you the digital imaging products that are proven to work in the actual real world.   Of course, we want you to get educated, so we are including several web sites and references, so you can read about the science behind the products that we recommend.

One of the best documents that we have found recently is located on Eizo’s web site at posted in their news on April 26th is the “ upload of Color Management Handbook Volume 2 ( PDF: 5,858 KB ).  Their entire site is full of great support on high resolution color lcd monitors and hardware versus software calibration.  Contact us at 303-934-2777 for more information, pricing and to order.

Another great resource, although hard to find enough technical support is the NEC site at you will need to dig further to find technical details, but NEC has a great product at a great price!  We have more information, just contact us with the model you are interested in.  As we do a lot of workshops & seminars, we often have special deals during or after on our fresh or open box demos (hint; buy right )

Here are a list of the monitors that our various users have selected to buy recently;

EIZO ColorEdge series;
Eizo CG303W-BK
Eizo CG275W-BK
Eizo CG243W-BK
Eizo CG223W-BK

EIZO FlexScan series;

NEC Professional Displays

Of course, the most popular monitor calibration tool is the X-Rite Eye 1 Display Pro and that is a must for any serious professional user that would like to have consistent color lcd monitors that are calibrated to industry standards.  To read more about the X-Rite line of devices, you can visit our web site at   //X-Rite/ or go to as they have a great site with all sorts of details, support and on line tutorials & webinars.  All of our seminar notes and pdf’s are located on our site in our Seminars and Classrooms section for easy downloads at //seminars-classroom.html

Coming soon, more articles / blog postings on Eizo, Nec & others!  If you are interested in learning more about how to achieve accurate color in your digital workflow, please contact us and we will be able to assist at 303- 934-2777 

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