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Client Testimonials

I really appreciate you coming out to share your wealth of knowledge. I will definitely start with getting the Joto heat press up on a moving table then we will work on getting the rotary press. My goal is to have it in well before the next holiday season. Your excellent customers service is truly appreciated. Going forward we will be purchasing our paper and inks with you.
Warmest regard, Suzie

I am glad that I took the time to attend you Color 101 class at the new Digital Technology & Learning Center. Kevin’s presentation during the day, the Eizo rep’s demonstration and your staff at the center were most helpful. Worth every bit of the course fee, a Great Value! Thanks for the reference materials, they will come in handy. Let me know when the next class is coming, I will be there.
Jim, Denver

Although my printing business is mainly cheap & quick signs, attending this seminar on color management has been quite helpful for me to understand and learn how to run my new Epson printer better. Your class is extremely valuable for the fee spent. I am happy that I drove the distance and took the time to participate. Got so many tips and helpful advice from both the instructors and your staff, as well as the other attendees. Your media guides are great, I’m ordering media and supplies from you now on."
David, CO

Dennis, You are so helpful! Thanks for your help and advice on finishing & coating techniques for the Epson prints on canvas. I understand why and how this is so important after working with you and the Premier coating products. As always, you have been such a kind person and valued support for my printing business!"
Robin, NM

The reason that I bought my Epson printer from your group is that you took the time to work with me, were knowledgeable and offered value added support that I could not get from B&H or Lexjet. Your level of understanding of the product and products availability locally is second to none. The added bonus for me is the recent class on color that I attended. The session was pertinent and quite valuable for me with all the information that I learned. Keep me posted on more events and seminars at your learning center."
Scott, Vail, CO

Dennis, Thanks for helping me with your advice on my Epson F-Series printer. As always, your group has been so supportive and knowledgeable about the printers, inks and media. You helped solve a problem today that has been lingering, I wish I had called you earlier to get this worked on."
Tony, NC

When my husband passed away and I moved to Tucson, I decided to start photography and printing again. Of course, with all of the support, I remembered Digital 2 You and called you guys first to get my printer, inks and media. It is good to know that you are still around and offering personalized service to the Epson community!"
Susan, AZ

We made the mistake of buying a cheaper dye sub system from out of state on the internet. My dye sub printer has had so many issues with clogged ink jet heads. When your repair guys helped solve these problems, I was so happy! You guys are so helpful and understand my dye sub business. I am going to buy a new Epson F-Series from you and get this done right!"
Andrea, WY, Feb 2016

As always over the years, your advice is so constructive, logical and down to earth! You guys have made it so easy for us to use the Epson printers, RIP software and understand color management in our magazine proofing department. Thanks for being there when we need you!"
Barb, Boulder, CO

In my fine art reproduction business, color matching is so critical. These Eizo color monitors are Fantastic! At first, I know I was reluctant to spend the money and doubtful of their benefits, but that has proven itself over time working with you & the Eizo monitors. Over several years, they have been rock-solid, accurate and consistent. They have saved my eyes and reduced our waste, thus paying for themselves many times over."
Doug, Broomfield, CO

I always buy my Epson printers, inks and media from your group at Digital 2 You because of your superior service and knowledge over the years. You guys might be a bit higher price than those low ball internet companies, but you make up for that many times over in value added support and services. I am your customer for life!"
Ryan, CO

Your Humidor kit solved my clogged ink jet head issues with my Epson wide format printers. I know that over the years you have told me about keeping my printers in a more humid environment, but the Humidor that you sent me is a pretty cool device. Who would have thought that such a simple thing would make the world of difference in printer maintenance. That is why I am doing business with you guys, you know what you are doing!"
Peter, Santa Fe, NM

I know there are a lot of Epson dealers out there selling wide format printers, but over the years we have grown to know and trust you guys, as you always follow through with great advice and the best service. Keep it up!"
Dan, Phoenix, AZ

Susan, I figured that if I had a question on my Epson printer that I bought from you, that I would call in to Dennis, first, as he is sort of like the “Wikapedia” of digital imaging. Your group is so knowledgable and your service is always on time. That is why our ad agency always comes to Digital 2 You first for any of our digital printer, ink or media needs."
Jeff, Denver

When putting in my new digital design workstation, I immediately thought of you guys for the Eizo color monitors and your recommendations. They got here when you promised and they are exactly what we expected. You always take so good care of my Epson digital printer, ink & media needs. I value your support over the years and the trust you have built. Your support and service is top notch!"
Hal, Phoenix

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