The Great Teachings of Keith Bauer

Keith Bauer is planning his next series of classes, and he would like some input from both past students and people who have not the opportunity to experience Keith’s great teaching.

The classes that Keith has had are Photoshop, Lightroom, Layers, Tony Kuyper Actions, and a class on the develop module in Lightroom.

If you are interested in one of these, or have other requests, please contact Keith at (505) 299-0640 or   or Bob at  and I will forward your comments to Keith.

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Contemplative Photography: The Art of Seeing with Maria Hanley

On July 12th  and July 19th from 1pm-4pm Maria will be hosting a Contemplative Photography: The Art of Seeing course, which you will not want to miss.  Through a series of presentations, shooting exercises, open discussions and image critiques Maria’s course is designed to help you express your creative vision in a more effective manner.

A few key elements Maria will address within her Contemplative Photography: The Art of Seeing course are:

  • Understanding the characteristics of light
  • Understanding the photographic and artistic elements of design
  • Knowing how and when to break the rules of composition
  • Heightening ones creative visual awareness
  • Exploring the abstract

Additionally, on June 28th from 9am-12pm Maria will be hosting another Advanced Photoshop Elements course to teach students how to professionally refine an image using post processing techniques.  Maria is a well versed professional photographer and instructor who will help you learn how to prepare your work for upcoming exhibitions such as the New Mexico State Fair.
We would also like to invite those of you who are just beginning to explore Photoshop Elements to stay tuned as we will be releasing information about Maria’s returning Photoshop Elements for Beginners course.

For more information on her Photoshop Elements classes

Contact:  Maria Hanley (505) 307-5581
These classes are for all levels of photographers.

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The Artistic Image Classroom: Allen Winston

On June 21st from 2pm-5pm and July 12th from 9am-12pm Allen will be hosting a

Professional Portfolio Presentation course. Being able to create a elegant, technically refined photograph is a crucial part of being a professional photographer.  However, even some the best photographers struggle with how to present their work to potential clients and curators.  Within Allen’s Professional Portfolio Presentation course students will explore the visual elements that both complement and distract from one’s portfolio presentation.  After completing Allen’s Professional Portfolio Presentation course you will walk away with a refined, clean and well organized portfolio that emphasizes that photography is not only you passion, its your profession.

For more information regarding Allen Winston’s course: Professional Portfolio Presentation course please contact Allen at (505) 926-1849 or

If you would like to view Allen’s work please visit his website at:

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Visions of the Underground: Original Cave Photography by Kenneth Ingham


Throughout the month of May we have the continued pleasure of hosting the unique photography of Kenneth Ingham.  If you haven’t seen Kenneth’s exhibit you should, as his cave and macro images are phenomenal!

Within Visions of the Underground Kenneth has surfaced many of the earth’s hidden treasures. In doing so, this distinctive body of work highlights the interiors of caves from around the world. Kenneth used several flash units to reveal the mysteries of numerous large caverns.

Additionally, Kenneth has repetitiously been awarded Best of Show at the NSS (National Speleological Society) convention.  We hope that you will come in and enjoy the captivating images within Visions of the Underground before this exhibition’s closing at the end of May.

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Car-Toons: A Series of Vibrant automobiles with personality!

Car-Toons will be featured at The Artistic Image from the month of July through the month of August.  We would like to invite you to come meet the artist –Allan Price– during the opening receptions, which will be held on July 4th from 5pm to 9pm and July 5th from 2pm to 5pm. Additionally, we are excited to announce that both of these opening events will be accompanied by a surprise special attraction.

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Presents the 9th Annual Editor’s Choice Photography Contest

 Please email all entries by May 31st, 2014  to 

AbqArts & Entertainment is currently accepting entries from New Mexico photographers for the 9th Annual Editor’s Choice Photography Contest.  

  • The first place winner will receive $100 along with a publication in the July 16, 2014 issue of ABQ Free Press and online at
  • The Artistic Image will provide both second and third place winners with a 16″ x 20″ print on fine art paper.
  • Additionally The Artistic Image will feature the top twenty photographs during the month of July in an exhibition.

Each photographer is invited to enter up to two digital photographs via email to .  Please label each entry with your last name, first initial followed by the image’s title (Example: JonesS-SandiaSunset).  All entries must be at least 1,200 pixels wide.

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ISA show wrap up from Orlando

Orlando was host to the International Signage Association 2014 trade show and meetings with a blending of new and very little old technology.  We were looking for the last analog silk screen and couldn’t find any, but were entranced by the growth of Digital Signage area, as well as the continued presence and growth of the Dye Sublimation and Direct to Fabric printing and displays.  With so much technology on the floor of the show for 3 days, we were hard pressed to be able to dig into every nook and cranny to see everything!  We also put on our sunglasses as we headed through a throng of LED lighting suppliers!

Some of our highlights of the show were the introduction of smaller, 4 foot x 4 foot flatbed UV printers, with the CET Q5-Series being a hit for both quality & speed of printing.  A lot of flatbed cutter / router manufacturers had their equipment on the floor and all sorts of finishing operations were demonstrated.  Again, a few of the manufacturers had smaller 4 foot x 4 foot, as well as their larger 5’ x 10’ units all working and drawing attention.

The usual foray of grand format direct to fabric, latex, UV and eco-solvent were turning out a vast assortment of eye catching prints on some of the most diverse media available.  A contingent of Asian media manufacturers were on hand to present their media to the US markets, but it amazed me to see they didn’t have any US agents or distributors in place to deliver the goods.  Of course, if you would like to order a seatainer of PE or Vinyl, just give me a call and I can hook you up!  Lots of board, plastic and unique flat media starting to come in, also.

We had a great time in the Epson booth with Catalina Frank and Fernando Urteaga working on the Epson F-Series dye sublimation as they introduced the new Epson F-7170 HD production edition of the the popular dye sublimation printers.  As this was discussed, we coupled the printers with the Eastsign RTR-1700 heat presses to transfer images on a wide variety of dye sublimation polyester based cloth media.  Rumors of a 50” wide, value-priced heat press are starting to surface and we are taking orders now!  Soft signage for indoor use, as evidenced in the trade show floor and aerial signage display, gave proof to the fact that a majority of trade show display and indoor signage is now being produced on cloth.

To sum it up, if it was being displayed, printed , hung or shown, all the signage technology that you would like to see was at the ISA show.  As leading consultants and suppliers to the industry, Photo-Imaging Consultants with Digital 2 You are poised to assist you with any of your display technology.  Just give us a call at 855-206-4688 and we can help to locate the right products and printers to meet your needs!

More to follow with details on printer technologies, UV Coatings, finishing and direct to fabric displays.

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CET Q5-Series UV Printing Press debut at ISA show in Orlando!

CET Color will be showing the new CET Q5-Series UV Printing Press at their booth at ISA in Orlando this coming week.  Breaking the traditional 4’ x 8’ flatbed printer layout, CET is introducing a unique 3.25’ x 5’ Q5-250 flatbed UV at the show.  This high quality, 600 dpi printer is sure to catch the eye of many shops that want a smaller footprint flatbed UV printer.  CET Color UV presses are noted for their quality, performance and affordability.

The CET Q5-Series features Ricoh Gen5 print heads, with variable drop sizes of 5, 10 & 15 picoliter delivering the highest quality 600 dpi imaging available at its price point.  Built on proven flatbed  & hybrid technology, the Q-5 Series are designed for simplicity, durability and ease of operation.  Digital 2 You has the experience with CET presses to pre-plan, consult, install, train and get these printers running efficiently in your shop.  We offer all levels of support for the CET UV flatbed and hybrid presses, as well as UV Coating solutions from our AFT-D2Y coater line.

The new CET Q5-Series flatbeds sizes come from the Q5-250 UV Flatbed @ 3.25’ x 5’ , 4’ x 8’ & 5’ x 10’ range.  The CET Q5-Series Hybrids range from the Q5-250h 64”, Q5-500h 98” and the Q5-1000h 126” roll style hybrids for RTR as well as coming equipped with extension tables to handle flat boards, as well.
When compared to similar flatbed printers in the market, CET UV Flatbed printers offer a considerably lower initial investment cost along with lower long-term operational costs.  Coupled with our Digital 2 You support & services, you get a much shorter return on your investment, allowing profits to grow sooner!

To learn more about how Digital 2 You and CET Color can offer compete printing and finishing solutions for your digital printing needs, please contact us at 855-206-4688 for a FREE on-site survey and ROI financial analysis! Our staff of industry veterans have over 25 years experience under each of their wings to help your goal fly!

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Direct to Fabric & Digital Textile Printing Primer

Quite often, we are now getting requests on how to print digitally onto fabric and textile.  As an Epson Dye Sublimation specialist, we get requests from clients to teach them how to print on fabric directly.  A common question for us is being able to take an Epson T-Series printer or an Epson F-Series printer and to print directly on to textile.  Rather than doing that, there are better options that will handle the inks for direct to fabric printing on older and even the new Epson printers.

Basically, there are four types of ink sets that will print direct to textiles.

Acid Dye Ink is primarily for Silk, Nylon, Wool and some Poly Blends and requires steam set, wash & dry.

Reactive Dye Ink will work with Cottons, Silk and some Poly Blends and requires steam set, wash & dry.

Disperse Dye Ink (dye sub ) is  mainly for Polyester fabric using heat transfer or heat set.

Pigment Inks will work on all fabrics and are heat set.

Let’s talk about fixation and setting the image after it is printed..

Heat fixation is becoming easier to do with smaller fixation units attached to the end of the digital printers.

Steam / Heat fixation is a bit more complicated, requiring a special steam unit, and then after that process, the fabric will require washing and drying.  More about this in future articles.

On dye disperse you can print on a transfer paper ( dye sublimation ) after which the transfer paper is heat transferred onto the textile ( polyester based ) or you can print direct onto polyester fabric and set the image with a calendar press or heat transfer press.  We provide Heat Transfer presses ranging in size from 16” x 20” flat presses up to 3.5 meter (130” ) heated oil filled drum roller style transfer presses.  These will also “calendar” with heat the direct fabric disperse printed textiles.

With pigment based inks, the fabric is printed and then heat set.  The reason that the Epson piezo prints heads are preferred in all of these processes are that the Epson print heads lend themselves to fine resolution while being able to deliver a variety of dye & pigment ink sets reliably on to fabrics.  Both the DX-5 and the new Epson TFP heads will work with this process.  The reason that the new Epson F-Series Dye Sublimation printers are working so well is that Epson has “tweaked” the inside of the print head to handle the Dye Sublimation inks optimally, while Epson will warranty the complete system when using Epson Inks on the new F-Series.  No more finger pointing from 3rd party ink sources or Epson, they will completely service the new Epson Dye Sub F-Series for up to three years.

For assistance in textile and fabric printing, please contact us at 855-206-4688 for printer, ink and finishing equipment.  We are experts at color management for the dye sublimation industry and can offer a complete turn-key solutions process for digital textile printing, direct to fabric and the dye sublimation processes.

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CET Color Flatbed & Hybrid UV printers

CET Color UV flatbed & hybrid printers have been steadily increasing their presence in the digital printing market over the past five years.  With the addition of the high-production, high-quality K-Series, CET Color has UV printing presses for just about any type of application.

Digital 2 You have installed several of the CET UV printers with clients enjoying the unique features of the ability to print flatbed, as well as roll to roll hybrid grand format production.  They come in 4’ x 8’ as well as 5’ x 10’ versions.

CET Color’s top listed products are:

K-Series UV Flatbed and Hybrid - With the introduction of the revolutionary Kyocera 4.25Ó wide print head, the K-Series printing presses are ideal for high volume printing that requires ultra-high quality at speeds that surpass traditional flatbed production speeds.

Q-Series UV Flatbeds - With the latest Ricoh GEN 4 print head technology, the Q-Series is capable of variable dot printing as small as 7 picoliter making these printing presses some of the highest quality UV flatbeds on the market today.

X-Series UV Flatbeds and Hybrids - One of the most versatile lines of printing presses available, the X-Series is the perfect combination of speed, quality and affordability when it comes to rigid or roll media production work.

Once installed, clients can choose either the Onyx or Caldera RIP Software to drive the production workflow. Digital 2 You also offers an assortment of cutters and trimmers from Foster Keencut to meet every need of wide format printing.  We also have the large media roll handling / lifting dollies, banner welding and grommet machines.  For finishing, we offer wide format laminators and of course, the Advanced Finishing Technologies Versacoater UV Coating systems in both 63” and 80” wide configurations.  We also offer service, parts and continued support through our network of D2Y-USA affiliates, color management specialists and industry consultants.

 Contact us at 855-206-4688 for your Wide and Grand Format Flatbed and Roll to Roll UV printing equipment needs!

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