Summary of Epson F-Series Dye Sub printer program, June 2014

Epson continues to lead in quality, productivity and reliability with their popular F-Series printers in 44” & 64” size dedicated to dye sublimation print / transfer technology.

The printers have state of the art print heads, new dye sub inks and are fully backed by Epson’s preferred service program.  No hassles, no finger pointing!  Just great printing and reduced waste in both ink, labor and printer resources which means more profits and productivity!  No more down time to fix / clean converted dye sub printers!

On top of that, Photo-Imaging & Digital 2 You offer the ability to assist each client with on site installation, set up , basic & advanced training on Epson F-Series printers.  We also offer custom color profiling services with our digital mentor affiliates.

So here is the GREAT NEWS….

During June, an Epson F-6070 Dye Sub 44” printer kit can be bought @ $ 8,495 and you will be able to participate in a special FREE  transfer media  program valued at

$ 2,160 up to $ 6,444 in savings!  Doing the math on this one is fun $$$

Plus, work with us on your installation & training and we can get you TEN  ( 10 liters ) of Epson dye sub ink worth $ 1,250 in savings when you buy from us!

Just about FREE as it gets, call us now for all the details and let us know what your specific needs are.  We can structure a deal to make this happen for you.

Epson F-7070 Dye Sub 64” printer currently has a $3,400 instant rebate off the

$ 19,995 pricing and with our Epson Free Media Promo nets out to savings of an additional $ 5,382 in media, thus $ 11,213 before you add on the D2Y – Epson Free 10 liters of ink ( value $ 1,250 ) and net / net is $ 9,963 !!!!

Fine Print;

All printer offers are subject to Epson approval, availability and working with Digital 2 You on the installation, training and support color management.  All printer orders require a deposit of 50% of the list price to initiate the order and get special allocation from Epson.  All printers need to be delivered by June 30th, no exceptions!  See Epson web site for coupons, rebates and details of offer or contact us at (855) 206-4688 to arrange your printer reservation today!

We also offer a Epson Seed Unit program and this program does not allow these offers to be stacked or combined.

Contact us for upgrades to your existing Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh and old Epson dye sub printer technology.  We also can assist with upgrading to larger heat transfer presses that offer the very best in productivity for volume dye sublimation programs.


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The Artistic Image, Products and Services for you!

The artistic image is a phenomenal place to get all your photo needs! There are many opportunities and services for camera cleanings, studio space, equipment, meeting places, libraries, shows, and much more! If you live in the Albuquerque Area, this is the place for all of your photo needs and accessories!

We found a tool to add to your profession tool box, and it is available for fantastic price!

Enhance your
workspace with
Fast Picture Viewer Software
When attempting to navigate through a sea of modified and renamed files on your hard drive it can become overwhelming to find the specific PDF, PSD, RAW, TIFF, JPEG, or PNG file you are looking for.  Fast Picture Viewer enables you to visually identify the file you are looking for without even opening the file.  Doing so is a tremendous time saver, especially when your digital portfolio contains exceptionally large files that would take a lengthy amount of time to open.

Did you know…

a camera’s sensor should be cleaned
at least once a year?

Cleaning your camera’s sensor keeps your images crisp, clear and vibrant, but the cleaning process takes a delicate touch.   Several of our customers have stated they highly recommend David Goldberg at Santa Fe Camera Cleaning.
Each individual expressed how they noticed significant difference in the quality of their images after having their camera’s sensor cleaned.

Santa Fe Camera Cleaning
David Goldberg
(505) 982-9303

At The Artistic Image we have installed TOPAZ software  for editing customer images.  It is amazing what this software is able to do.  We invite you to also explore the TOPAZ products as we believe you will find this software to be helpful.

For the month of May TOPAZ software is featuring its “edge  enhancement software package” called TOPAZ CLEAN. TOPAZ CLEAN

  • Smoothes the surfaces of photos removing skin blemishes, dust and noise.
  • The smooth edges within each image are uniquely processed with a quality that looks “vectorized.”  Within portraits, the smooth “vectorized” edges both define and enhance the line quality of details such as eye lashes and hair.
  • Additionally, TOPAZ CLEAN recovers and refines the important natural textures within each portrait to prevent your subjects from loosing their natural elegance.
  • For the month of May TOPAZ CLEAN is 50% off its originally price of $29.99 and is now $14.99.    Please click here to view a sample of images that have been enhanced with this professional post production software.


The Artistic Image for all of your digital photographic needs. Printing, Image Editing, Professional grade Printers and Monitors, Classes about Photography.

The Artistic Image
 The Cardenas Arts Center
1101 Cardenas Dr. NE, Suite 206
Albuquerque, NM 87110

(505) 554-2706

(505) 379-5386

Located near Lomas and San Pedro.
Cardenas is the street directly behind the Smiths supermarket.

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Presenting: The Artistic Image’s Library of Professional Art Papers

Transport your viewers into the depths of a mysterious forest…

Enhance the peaceful mood with the essence of soft elegance….

Further convey the warmth within moments of magic…

Reach out & grab your viewer with vibrant colorful energy….

The story and feeling contained within a photograph can be powerful, but printing on a paper that does not compliment your photograph only dilutes that story and its mood.

With this in mind, The Artistic Image would like to invite you to come in and explore our extensive library of high quality art papers. It is our pleasure to help you find a paper that enhances the unique qualities contain within each of your photographs.

We welcome you to come in and experience our library first hand and visit our catalog online at:

The Artistic Image Library of Professional Art Papers 

We would also like to make a special introduction for a couple of papers that have recently been added to our library:


  • Polar Pearl Metallic Plus Paper: A photograph printed upon Polar Pearl Metallic will take on a brilliant, almost luminescent quality. This paper features a glossy finish, which highlights a sense of elegant iridescence within your prints. This iridescent quality enables the eye to see the subtle variations of color that makes each image unique and will cause your viewers to celebrate color in a whole new way.
  • Hahnemühle Bamboo (Sheets Only): This natural white paper with a warm tone combines spiritual photography with environmental considerations.  This paper’s subtle warm tone adds a delicate warm glow to each image.  Its tight fibers enables each image to retain a high level of detail, conveying even the smallest of details with incredible sharpness. The fibers of this paper transform black ink into rich multidimensional shadows enabling every subtle tone within an image to be present.  For these reasons images printed on Bamboo contain a realistic sense of depth that dramatically brings subjects to life.
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The Artistic Image and a Creative Space


We have developed a place for Photographers to work and become part of a Photography work group.  We have several offices available for short term or long term rental.  Included with your office is all utilities, Wi-Fi.  Listed below are features that you will have available.

  • Photographic Studio
  • A meeting room
  • Wet B/W Darkroom
  • Rental computers with Photoshop CC and Calibrated monitor
  • Work room with Dry Mount Press & Mat Cutter
  • Library with hundreds of Photography books
  • Photographic Art Gallery
  • and much much more

There are annual memberships that give any photographer access to all of our facilities at reduced rates.  You don’t need to work alone at home, you can now have a real office and have other photographers around you in a clean, friendly, first class environment.

Become a member of our group and enjoy discounts on The Artistic Image printing, classes, and Studio or Darkroom rental.

Please contact Bob for more information about membership at (505) 379-5386 for more information  There will be a Web site open with much more information soon.

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The Great Teachings of Keith Bauer

Keith Bauer is planning his next series of classes, and he would like some input from both past students and people who have not the opportunity to experience Keith’s great teaching.

The classes that Keith has had are Photoshop, Lightroom, Layers, Tony Kuyper Actions, and a class on the develop module in Lightroom.

If you are interested in one of these, or have other requests, please contact Keith at (505) 299-0640 or   or Bob at  and I will forward your comments to Keith.

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Contemplative Photography: The Art of Seeing with Maria Hanley

On July 12th  and July 19th from 1pm-4pm Maria will be hosting a Contemplative Photography: The Art of Seeing course, which you will not want to miss.  Through a series of presentations, shooting exercises, open discussions and image critiques Maria’s course is designed to help you express your creative vision in a more effective manner.

A few key elements Maria will address within her Contemplative Photography: The Art of Seeing course are:

  • Understanding the characteristics of light
  • Understanding the photographic and artistic elements of design
  • Knowing how and when to break the rules of composition
  • Heightening ones creative visual awareness
  • Exploring the abstract

Additionally, on June 28th from 9am-12pm Maria will be hosting another Advanced Photoshop Elements course to teach students how to professionally refine an image using post processing techniques.  Maria is a well versed professional photographer and instructor who will help you learn how to prepare your work for upcoming exhibitions such as the New Mexico State Fair.
We would also like to invite those of you who are just beginning to explore Photoshop Elements to stay tuned as we will be releasing information about Maria’s returning Photoshop Elements for Beginners course.

For more information on her Photoshop Elements classes

Contact:  Maria Hanley (505) 307-5581
These classes are for all levels of photographers.

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The Artistic Image Classroom: Allen Winston

On June 21st from 2pm-5pm and July 12th from 9am-12pm Allen will be hosting a

Professional Portfolio Presentation course. Being able to create a elegant, technically refined photograph is a crucial part of being a professional photographer.  However, even some the best photographers struggle with how to present their work to potential clients and curators.  Within Allen’s Professional Portfolio Presentation course students will explore the visual elements that both complement and distract from one’s portfolio presentation.  After completing Allen’s Professional Portfolio Presentation course you will walk away with a refined, clean and well organized portfolio that emphasizes that photography is not only you passion, its your profession.

For more information regarding Allen Winston’s course: Professional Portfolio Presentation course please contact Allen at (505) 926-1849 or

If you would like to view Allen’s work please visit his website at:

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Visions of the Underground: Original Cave Photography by Kenneth Ingham


Throughout the month of May we have the continued pleasure of hosting the unique photography of Kenneth Ingham.  If you haven’t seen Kenneth’s exhibit you should, as his cave and macro images are phenomenal!

Within Visions of the Underground Kenneth has surfaced many of the earth’s hidden treasures. In doing so, this distinctive body of work highlights the interiors of caves from around the world. Kenneth used several flash units to reveal the mysteries of numerous large caverns.

Additionally, Kenneth has repetitiously been awarded Best of Show at the NSS (National Speleological Society) convention.  We hope that you will come in and enjoy the captivating images within Visions of the Underground before this exhibition’s closing at the end of May.

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Car-Toons: A Series of Vibrant automobiles with personality!

Car-Toons will be featured at The Artistic Image from the month of July through the month of August.  We would like to invite you to come meet the artist –Allan Price– during the opening receptions, which will be held on July 4th from 5pm to 9pm and July 5th from 2pm to 5pm. Additionally, we are excited to announce that both of these opening events will be accompanied by a surprise special attraction.

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Presents the 9th Annual Editor’s Choice Photography Contest

 Please email all entries by May 31st, 2014  to 

AbqArts & Entertainment is currently accepting entries from New Mexico photographers for the 9th Annual Editor’s Choice Photography Contest.  

  • The first place winner will receive $100 along with a publication in the July 16, 2014 issue of ABQ Free Press and online at
  • The Artistic Image will provide both second and third place winners with a 16″ x 20″ print on fine art paper.
  • Additionally The Artistic Image will feature the top twenty photographs during the month of July in an exhibition.

Each photographer is invited to enter up to two digital photographs via email to .  Please label each entry with your last name, first initial followed by the image’s title (Example: JonesS-SandiaSunset).  All entries must be at least 1,200 pixels wide.

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